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April 2009



Spotted: Blake Lively at The Late Show with David Letterman

March 26, 2009 6:39 am · Posted by fasheccentric

Blake Lively was spotted in this one-sleeved fuchsia Diane von Furstenberg dress at last night's The Late Night with David Letterman show. She matched it with Jimmy Choo's gold snakeskin pumps, gold feather earrings and a stoned cocktail ring.

This pretty bombshell is ready to take over the world!

Ooh, I'm gonna catch GG tonight!



Bestest TV Style: Week [16 - 22 Mar 09]

March 23, 2009 2:09 pm · Posted by fasheccentric

I've been pretty lazy catching up with all my favourite TV shows. Previously, I follow 7 to 8 TV series religiously - right now, I'm only watch a couple of my regulars. Gossip Girl is always on the list (doh!). I lost interest in 90210. I forgot that Ugly Betty is on air now (yes, will catch up soon!). Lipstick Jungle is off air. Hmm, I should really check out new shows like Bar Refaeli and Chanel Iman's new MTV show, House of Style. Talk about resurrecting old classic MTV favourites! I'm gonna tune in now. Meanwhile, do check out the bestest TV style (yes, we're back!):

Gossip Girl: "The Age of Dissonance"

It's time for theatrical style. With costumes like these, I'm up for drama!

Blair is gorgeous. Dan is annoying.

The boys look hot for once. Is it me or are they losing their sex appeal?

Two annoying characteres who deserve each other. Totally.



Gossip Girl is B-A-C-K!

March 20, 2009 1:08 am · Posted by fasheccentric


I need to catch up on GG this weekend!



Gossip Girl Season 2: The High & Low

February 24, 2009 3:36 pm · Posted by fasheccentric
ARGH, why is Gossip Girl constantly on hiatus? Are you guys dying for more like me? Why is Dan Humphrey such a slut? Why is Serena so confusing? Why is Blair so meanly adorable? Why is Dorota so sweet? WHY? WHY? WHY? Well, word has it that the show will return on 16 March (gosh, why?). So before that, let's take a look at the high and low of Season 2. Then again, I should start my weekly "Bestest TV Style" once again. I will, one day.

Watch "Basstalk", just to get you excited about GG again.



Vanity Fair: Best of 2008

January 9, 2009 7:19 am · Posted by fasheccentric



Bestest TV Style: Week [3 - 7 Nov]

November 11, 2008 7:57 am · Posted by fasheccentric
BUSY TIMES AHEAD. Yup, school started yesterday and work is starting to get a little crazy. In a way, it's good because I'll be occupied before my big year-end break. Then again, I'll have to juggle 'blogging' and 'meeting dad & friends' on top of everything else. Not enough hours in a day, as usual. Last week, Gossip Girl gets saucier as lil' J turns into a fashion rebel. 90210 parties hard and someone gets into trouble in her new pair of hot boots. Lipstick Jungle continues (I'm blogging two episodes here) and I'm still lovin' The Rachel Zoe Project. It's totally bananas!

Gossip Girl: "There Might Be Blood"

Lil' J is looking super hot! Love that hair piece!

Serena needs some love. Erm, that's Jenny's punk design.

90210: "Secrets and Lies"

Silver is gorgeous. Steal her look here!

Naomi and Adrianna tone it down a notch.

High-school fashion has never been so cool. I miss Dylan McKay.

Lipstick Jungle: "The Lyin', the Bitch & the Wardrobe"

Victory models her own designs with a lil' bit of wine.

The fashion show.


Lipstick Jungle: "Let The Games Begin"

Grownups, dress a lil' more posh.

The Rachel Zoe Project: "Award Season, that's Bananas!"

I know the season has ended but I love this show! Bring in Season 2!

Wedding dress shopping at Marchesa.

Picking for vintage jewelry for the Oscars. A dream job.

Testing gowns on the models. Fun!

source: BravoTV, CWTV, NBC


Bestest TV Style: Week [27 - 31 Oct]

November 3, 2008 8:51 am · Posted by fasheccentric
OMFG. Gossip Girl keeps getting better! And, more incestuous! 90210 makes a comeback this week. And, Lipstick Jungle has a new time slot on Friday. I just realised that I've to catch up on The Rachel Zoe Project, Ugly Betty and Stylista (does anyone know where to find this online?). Gosh! I'm watching too much TV! Today, I'm kinda bed-ridden with my laptop at home - the stomach is really killing me. I'm hugging my hot water bottle and sipping green tea. Bubster is bringing me lunch - I hate feeling sick. Ugh, my first MC in a long long time. I'm not seeing any doctor!! So, more reason for me to stay in bed and catch up on TV. Hee. Anyway, let's see some fashion fun:

Gossip Girl S2: "Pret-a-Poor J"

Lil' J is looking hotter. Love her style!

Serena is dressing up dark fall colours.

New faces! You might recognise Willa Holland from The O.C.

90210: "There is No Place like Homecoming"

Uh-oh. Homecoming night!

Hot new couple alert! "How old are you?" "25" *kiss*

Ethan is hot. Annie is not.

Lipstick Jungle S2: "Scary, Scary Night"

Hmm, I want a multi-layer, very heavy necklace like Nico's!

How can we wear trench coat in Singapore? Raincoat, maybe.

The Rachel Zoe Project: "Fashion Makes The Star, Makes The Fashion"

If you like fashion, you're gonna enjoy watching The Rachel Zoe Project. I just watched two episodes and I'm already lovin' it. Her Styling Associate, Taylor has awesome style and the greenhorn, Brad is your typical, preppy gay fashionista. There's the drama, shopping addiction, heaps of designer everything and dosage of celebs. At least I think I learn a thing or two about fashion, you know. Here are the snapshots from episode 1:

Her accessories are sooo bananas (Rachel's way of saying "cool")

She always look so amazing! Sunnies is a must.

Taylor makes me wanna bleach my hair.

The trio - Taylor, Rachel and Brad. Tune in next week!


Bestest TV Style: Week [29 Sept - 3 Oct]

October 7, 2008 3:40 pm · Posted by fasheccentric

Update: So, BB has yet to reply my email or sms. I guess he is either busy or just couldn't be bothered. I don't know. Well, that's all for now.

We're back for another week of Bestest TV Style. The best of fashion from my favourite TV shows, of course. Let's just say Gossip Girl totally rocked the house last week with one of the biggest episodes ever with guest appearances such as Michael Kors (reportedly a big fan of the show) and socialite Tinsley Mortimer in her second appearance in the show. Lipstick Jungle introduced a hot new guy for my favourite character, Victory Ford. Let's hope this goes somewhere! 90210 is still the same - nothing too exciting but clothes still look good. Project Runway S5 is heading to Bryant Park very soon. This is one emotional episode and a good one too. Can't wait for what's in store this week!

Gossip Girl: "The Serena Also Rises"

Michael Kors and Tinsley Mortimer is in the house!

Eleanor Waldorf's fashion show. Socialites saved the day!

Jenny Humphrey has cute dress, don't you think? I love her BAG too!

Blair always rock the vintage-modern look. And, headbands are still 'in'.

Serena rises again, as she's the new Paris Hilton.

Lipstick Jungle: "Help!"

Nico's royal purple dress looks outstanding!

PRINTS! I like.

You don't need to look powerful in a suit.


Imagine. Playing John Lennon.

90210: "Model Behavior"

Silver in silver. HAHA. I dig the fingerless leather gloves.

Mummy is a photog. And, she's good.

Seriously. Do high school kids in Beverly Hills dress like that?

Stripes and bright red wedges. Sweet!

Project Runway S5: "Nature Calls"

Only four contestants left. The pressure is mounting. This week, contestants visit the Botanical Gardens and take photos of nature that will inspire their design. Here's Jerrell's and Kenley's designs respectively.

Korto's and Leanne's. Can't wait for Bryant Park!

Source: CWTV, NBC & BravoTV


Welcome Back, Gossip Girl

September 2, 2008 11:57 am · Posted by fasheccentric
*skips* Gossip Girl is back on 1st Sept with the brand new season. I've to say, the episode didn't disappoint. I just realised how much I love the show and its clever witty script. "Karma is a bitch, and so is Blair Waldorf". Classic. This season continues with more sex, more style and more tongue-lashing between my favourite 'unrequited love' couple, Blair and Chuck.

Cute summer look! I love the pink belt. The floral dress. Chuck and fedora.

Oh yeah. I miss the beach. Love the rattan picnic basket and retro-look.

Love hurts. Blair is looking blue after the summer break.

The White Party. We get it. Love love Blair's dress and her head piece.

Serena's golden locks intertwined with bling bling. Nice. Even Nate looks casual hot.

Wow. What do you call this? This actually works on Chuck.

Love her vintage-inspired pinup swimsuit! I want!

GG has endorsed bicycles as the next hot accessory! Time to break a sweat!

Mmm, a lovely green print summer dress. How come Blair's got the best stuff?

That's Tinsley Mortimer playing herself in GG. Cute gold clutch.

Jenny is back in the game.

Beach-chic. I wish my Bali wardrobe were as cool. Till next week, xoxo.


Gossip Girl Season One Finale: Bitter & Sweet

May 20, 2008 9:29 am · Posted by fasheccentric

Finally. Gossip Girl first season has come to an end. I can't believe we've to wait till September, Fall till the second season begins. Yikes, what are we going to do in between? Let's focus on the present and here are the hot, stylish wedding shots from yesterday's episode:

Serena VS Georgina Yes, it's a style showdown. Who're we loving? The sweet, casual-chic Serena in skinny jeans OR bad-girl biker jacket and dark-coloured Georgina? Because I do not like G, I'm giving the Serena the thumbs up!

Pink and Floral Blair Waldorf has the cutest clothes and accessories. I think she looks pretty in pink in this spring-lovin' floral halter trapeze dress. The flower neckline is an on-going trend of the moment (see Serena's bridesmaid dress below). We're definitely feeling summer for this GG wedding. Love the headband!

The Lovebirds Are they're staying together, or dunzo? I will not spoil it for you but let me just say that both relationships have a bitter-sweet cliffhanger till the next season. Are we loving Lily's bridal style? I think it is very age-appropriate and I loveee the diamond necklace. Serena's yellow tiered-chiffon bridesmaid dress paired with black gloves, black belt and a black corsage - simply amazing. I love it.

Who's The Girl? The new Mrs Bass, Lily, introduced this mysterious girl as her "decorator". Is she Chuck's latest conquest - or not? Anyway, we're digging the royal blue dress and her white gladiator heels. And, ooh... that bag!

Skinny Headband I love this heart-print top that Blair is wearing but this isn't a good picture. We see lotsa tied-up hair with waves and skinny headband. I don't wanna explain what's going on in this picture - watch and go figure. Now, I can't wait for Season Two.

(Photos: The CW)